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West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion, Education, Training and Employment Directory.

Directory of services to support progression in West Yorkshire

Please click above to find out more about the Liaison and Diversion service in West Yorkshire.

Education & Training

Information on adult and further education and vocational training across West Yorkshire. Click here to access.


Volunteering provides valuable experience to enhance employability and enhance confidence. Click here on how to find volunteering opportunities across West Yorkshire.


There are a variety of organisations across West Yorkshire that can support you to improve your chances of getting work. Click here to access.

Liaison and Diversion can offer individuals with vulnerabilities who have been arrested, support to access the right services, to enable them to engage with services which could begin to address some of the underlying issues which may have impacted upon their offending behaviour.

The Liaison and Diversion service is a multi-agency team of skilled practitioners based in Courts and Police stations across West Yorkshire.

Liaison and Diversion means:

Liaison – contacting services you may already be involved with and supporting you to access new services that may be able to help you.

Diversion – preventing you from getting into further trouble with the Police and stop offending.

Our team will ensure that everyone is treated fairly and no one is discriminated against on the basis of their ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.

Latest from the Blog

December COVID Restrictions

Please note that due to current Tier 3 COVID restrictions in West Yorkshire some organisations may be not be running face to face services. Please contact the organsiation to check.

December 2020

The December update for our directory now been updated. This is the new version of our directory that we used to upload via ISSUU. If you need anything adding or updating on the directory, please contact us.

WY Liaison & Diversion ETE

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